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Colombia Huila Supremo


A light - medium roast with dark chocolate and tart cherry



A perfectly crafted world class coffee from one of the most famous growing regions of Colombia, Huila Coffee is grown in the rich soils in the central range of mountains (Cordillera Central) that also bear the 6th highest mountain in Colombia, Nevado del Huila, a 17,568 recently active volcano in the Cordillera Central Range. Huila coffee grows at 1500 to 1900 meters above sea level, in rich volcanic soils and perfect coffee microclimate, with plenty of late morning fog which burns off to wash the beans with just the right amount of mid day sun. The beans grow slowly, and develop rich, bright, intense and balanced flavors. If you carefully observe the green beans, you’ll see a certain high grown gnarliness to them, many of the centerlines are tight and a little crooked. In a light roast, you’ll see “character lines” on the outside of the beans, these beans grew slowly, densely and richly (think of oak vs balsa wood and the difference in density between those), developing richly balanced flavors you can’t just get anywhere. If you know the term “slow food”, this is “slow coffee”, handmade, done the old fashioned way, taking whatever time is necessary to make it perfect.



Region: Huila

Harvest: November 2017

Altitude: 1500-1900 Meters

Soil: Volcanic 

Process: Washed

Colombia Huila Supremo

  • A brilliant, rich and balanced cup with dark chocolate and tart cherry flavors followed by a very smooth sweet finish. 


    Please note that these flavor notes come from the coffee as it is naturally grown and is not from any additives. 

  • All sales are final. If you are not happy with your order, please contact us and let us make it right. We take great pride in your full satisfaction with our product.

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