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The Mello Family
The Mello Family - December

About Us

Mello Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated small batch coffee roasting company located in Concord, North Carolina. We solely roast specialty grade, single origin, direct or fair trade beans every week to ensure the highest quality and freshness that you can taste in every sip.

What began as a hobby in our backyard in 2013 with a hand-cranked Whirly Pop, has now developed into a deep family passion for amazing coffee that we roast on a three kilogram gas coffee roaster designed by Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis, MN. This roaster allows us to custom profile roasts, to bring out the best flavor notes from each origin. From our family to yours, we want to share our obsession with quality coffee so each and every day, you can look forward to that first cup.

Fresh, local, roasted to order

Artisan Coffee

What does artisan coffee really mean?

To us, it represents a product that most people are familiar with, but at a much higher quality. The majority of coffees sold in most major chains and grocery stores are bitter and taste burned. In turn, people have become accustom to adding more milk and sugar to get past the taste to get their daily caffeine fix.


Tasting quality coffee for this first time is an eye-opening experience and allows you to taste the nuanced flavors of each bean origin. Similar to terroir in wine, beans from different regions even in the same country will taste different and our roasting process brings out the best each bean has to offer. Just like the millions of people who have switched from macro-brewed beer to craft beer, it is our goal to educate coffee drinkers about the difference, and have them taste it first-hand.

Why it matters

Ethical Coffee

We only buy the highest quality, specialty grade, fair and direct trade products from farmers, who just like us, are obsessed with excellent coffee.


When the farmers are compensated for a higher quality product, they continue to improve their farming practices. This includes only planting and harvesting the highest quality coffee, a difference you will surely notice in each of our coffees. When you buy our products, not only are you supporting our family, you are supporting our community by reinvesting in our economy, while also supporting small coffee farmers across the world.

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