Blooming Lily Blend


Citrus, Berry, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus 



Mello Coffee Roasters is a small family-owned business. This includes Max - our head roaster, Samantha - finance and operations, and our two mini baristas Theodore and Liliana. So when you order coffee or reach out for information, it’s truly our family that you’re working with, and that’s something we’re exceptionally proud of. To highlight one of our exceptional kids, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new product! Introducing our new Mello house blend coffee, Blooming Lily Blend, in honor of our daughter Liliana.



Blooming Lily Blend

  • A light and delicate floral cup with bright notes of berry and citrus balanced with sweet honeysuckle and hibiscus. This blend captures the same sweet fragrant beauty of a spring lily and will pair perfectly with your crisp spring mornings.


    Please note that these flavor notes come from the coffee as it is naturally grown and is not from any additives. 

  • All sales are final. If you are not happy with your order, please contact us and let us make it right. We take great pride in your full satisfaction with our product.