Bali Organic RFA Kintamani Natural


Strawberry, Watermelon, Papaya, Tangerine, Cane Sugar



Bali Organic RFA Kintamani Natural is sourced from family owned farms located in the Kintamani highlands on the island province of Bali, Indonesia.  Coffee is grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Agung along with citrus trees that provide shade and another source of income.  Coffee production is typically organized around a Subak Abian, which refers to the ecologically sustainable irrigation systems developed more than 1,000 years ago by Hindu priests who practice Tri Hita Karana (the three sources of prosperity), a philosophy focused on the harmonization between the environment, humans and God.  The idea of a natural processed coffee was suggested during Royal’s origin trip in 2009 to address an issue of water scarcity.  It was an easy step to drying whole ripe cherry given that raised beds were already used for drying parchment.  The project has been fully implemented and the results have been exceptional.



Variety: Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor

Region: Kintamani Highlands of Central Bali, Indonesia

Harvest: May - October

Altitude: 1200 – 1600 meters

Soil: Volcanic loam

Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds

Certifications: Organic, Rainforest

Bali Organic RFA Kintamani Natural

  • A bright complex fruited cup with tropical notes of tangerine, papaya, strawberry, watermelon and a sweet cane sugar finish.


    Please note that these flavor notes come from the coffee as it is naturally grown and is not from any additives. 

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